Welcome to EtherCoin-P2P Smart Cash

Ethercoin is the hard fork of Ethereum

​It resolves the long-lasting issues in Ethereum Project

​In other words, it is what Ethereum could have achieved if done right







Andy Lee



Maximized Supply

The uncertainty in monetary policy and high inflation threaten the long-term value of Ethereum. So in Ethercoin, the total number is capped to 1B, and the block reward is attenuated every 1.5 years.

Dynamic Adjustment to Algorithm​ Difficulty

The difficulty is not increasing exponentially, but being able to adjust automatically based on the current hashing power every few blocks. With this approach, we do not need a hard fork to delay the ice age or difficulty bomb.

Seamless ERC Token Migration

EtherCoin takes serious consideration in all aspects asserted that are related to Eth?network and keeps all of them in inherent token contract format.

AA new decentralized ERC token exchange will be available for current ERC Token trades after hard fork.

CrossChain Interoperability

EtherCoin will align with the BIA (Blockchain Interoperabiility Aliance) standard, such as Aion Network Protocol, to provide cross-chain Ether transaction, smart contract, logic and atomic operation with BIA compliance network.

PoW Forever

PoS is not the right way to go. Instead, EtherCoin is guaranteed to run PoW as it algorithm always functions effectively.

Better Security

We've seen too many security breaches this year on Ethereum. We want

​ to put an end to this embarrassing situation with the new approach.

ParaParallel Ethereum VM

Parallel Ethereum Virutal Machine is one of the most critical feature for scalable ETH blockchain. EtherCoin will adopt dependency analysis engine along with VM and parallel execute independent contract in parallel mode for symmetric multiprocessing system.

Hardening version of equihash

As more advance equihash implementation occured recently, eg AION use (210,9) to enhance the equihash anti-asic strength. EtherCoin will deploy similar hardening version of equishash in the follow-up patch.

Hard fork schedule:

1, Snapshot at height: 4730666, around December 14th,

2, Main networks will be activated around Christmas.

We've seen too many security breaches this year on Ethereum. We want to fix the issues with EtherCoin once and for all

Twitter: @ethercoingo